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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Northern Minnesota Real Names (Sept 15th and Sept 22)

Easton James
Mason Matthew
Avery Allen Daniel
Riker Richard
Cole Christopher
Gavin Michael
Henry Joseph
Alex Jon
Noah Russell
Axel Charles
Jesse Jon

Quinn Eileen
Abigail Zoe
Ella Christine
Elsie May
Aurora Naomi
Liari Quinn
Clara Rose
Anastasia Paige
Bella Marie
Salina Rose
Piper Dagny
Ellie Mae Miranda

With Ella, Elsie, and Ellie, you can see the "EL" trend is alive and well, but people are putting their own twist on it. I do wonder if Ellie Mae Miranda will go by the double-barrel first name Ellie Mae, which is lovely. Dagny is an interesting middle name choice - quirky, fun and gender neutral, it is an old Norse name meaning "New Day"I also noticed a lot of alliteration in the boys names - Avery Allen, Cole Christopher, etc. The two names from this week that are the most rare are Riker and Liari, drastically different feels but neither has ever been in the top 1000.

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