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Monday, October 14, 2013

Northern Minnesota Baby Names: Sept 29th and Oct 2nd

Maili Marie
Rayna Lynn
McKenzie Mae
Jaclyn Sara
Nora Jean
Addison Claire
Addison Grace
Adeline Elizabeth
Kathlin RaeAnn
Dorthea Senja
Elouise Janene
Adilynn Florence
Kayden Elizabeth

Mason Matthew
Tayton Daniel
Brayden Edward
Hunter Allen
Casheon Lane
Izack Matthew
Kendrick Allen
Braxton John

More rare names, many which of intrigue me - Maili, Senja, Tayton, and Casheon. Also many potential Addy/Addies were born with Addison, Addison, Adeline, and Adilynn. Also, some unique spellings with Janene, Izack, Elouise, Kathlin, Dorthea, and Jaclyn. Not made up certainly, but not the most popular versions either.

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