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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Harry Potter Alphabet - I is for Ignatius

Earlier this week my sister and I were discussing how "I" names can be hard to come by. There are some very popular ones (Isabella and variants), and some traditional ones (Isaac and variants), but once you get beyond those you tend to find either rare names (Iona, Isis, Iliad) or foreign names (Inigo, Igor, Ilsa). It's no surprise then that I is our smallest letter yet in the Harry Potter alphabet. In fact, I only could find three names, and one of them I had to go out looking for (It was not on the master list I was using because the person is mentioned, not an active part of the book). So here they are!

Ignatius and Ignotus - I have discussed the first of these related name before as a possible source for "ace" (a different version, Ignace, is a more likely candidate). There are many versions of this name, besides the two above, there is Ignace, Ignacius, Ignacio, Ignatz, Ignaz, Inacio, and several more. It has a questionable meaning of "ardent" in Latin. I like this school of names, rarely used, and the great nickname Iggy.  (Percy Ignatius Weasley) (Ignotus Peverell)

Igor (Igor Karkaroff) - Igor is a Russian character, and its very popularly known as a Russian name. Most infamously, Frankenstein's hunchbacked assistant in popular media. Also famous composer Igor Stravinsky (with vary particular sound). Igor means Soldier. A similar name is Scandinavian "Ingvar".

What do you think? Would you consider either of these? What "I" names should JK Rowling have used that she neglected?

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