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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Northern Minnesota Real Names (Sept 8th)

I thought it might be nice to give you some names that are actually being used in the area I live, Northern Minnesota (Northern Midwest USA).

Abel Denis
Bentley Grey
Chase Converse
Tristan Daniel
Jordan Thomas

Averie Ann-Marie
Lydia Rae
TWINS - Joy Agnes and Sherin Faith

I love to see Agnes used, even in the middle position. It has become a recent sweetheart of mine. Anything stick out to you?


  1. A nice mix of names - Joy Agnes is sweet.

    Chase Converse sounds like a brand name for sneakers, but I have noticed that Chase is a very difficult name to find a good name combination for.

  2. Was totally expecting Lief, Anders, Bjorn, Ingrid... You know, those qwirky Norwegian names that are so typical near home that no one else had heard of? For this post.

    Fun post :)