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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Names

Have a baby due on Thanksgiving? Why not consider some of these names:

Names that Mean Thank You 
Asante - Pronounced Ah-sahn-tay, this Swahili name meaning "thank you".  It is familiar to me because of NFL player Asante Samuel. The name can be made feminine by changing the last letter to "i" - Asanti, pronounced Ah-sahn-tee.
Hoda - Arabic
Shakira -  Arabic, meaning Thankfullness. Its a pretty name but is liable to bring to mind THE Shakira, I am not sure it will be fit for common usage for quite sometime.
Jendayi - African (particularly Zimbabwe region?), meaning "to give thanks"
Judah - I almost did not include this, the meaning is actually more "praise", but some out there seem to think to praise and to thank are similar, so I will leave it on the list.

Thanksgiving Theme
Cornelius - actually shares the "corn" root with Cornucopia, meaning "horn". Could go my nickname Niel. The feminine version, Cornelia, is also nice, and produces the nickname Nelia, Neela, Ne
May - for Mayflower. Possible variations would be Mae, Mabel, Maybell. Generally these names are thought to mean "lovable". If you really wanted to go with a May"flower" theme you could even pair one of these first names with a flower middle name. Mabel Rose, or maybe little Lillian Mae.

Notable Pilgrims
William Brewster (led the Pilgrims in prayer of Thanksgiving upon reaching land)
John Carver (first elected governor of the pilgrims).
Myles Standish - a soldier that came with the Pilgrims and helped lead the initial exploratorations
William Bradford - the second elected governor, presided over the original 'Thanksgiving'
Edward Winslow - His journal offers one of two accounts of the first Thanksgiving celebration


  1. Asante and Jendayi are names I haven't seen before, but I like them a lot (I didn't realise there was a male form of Asanti). Is Jendayi a girl or boy name?

    I have seen a few Shakiras in birth notices here, so we don't seem to be put off by the singer. I saw one in the paper, and her parents were originally from Africa.

    I think Mayflower would make a stunning middle name, or even a first name if you were bold, and I guess patriotic, and maybe Protestant.

  2. Jendayi is female name, I think it really is lovely!

  3. Thanks, that's really pretty.

  4. I wish I could like Cornelius, I'd love to get to the nickname Neely for a boy.