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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Harry Potter Alphabet: A is for Alastor

Harry Potter is a great place to find unique "everything old is new again" baby names, even if you  have no love of the book. It is a treasure trove of unique names for two reasons. First, just because it is British, and of course different names are popular and common. Second, because J.K. Rowling used very old names for many of her wizards. So I am setting out to create a Harry Potter alphabet, starting with A. (This list is by no means all inclusive. I did not feel the need to use HP to explore names like Alice or the like).

Alastor - Meaning "man's defender", Scottish and Greek origins. Possible nicknames Al, Allie, Lassy, Torry. (Character Alastor Mad Eye Moody)

Albus - Meaning "white". Possible nickname Albie (very close to Alvie which seems to be gaining popularity). (Character Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore)

Amycus - A minor character in Greek Mythology, son of Poseidon, known for a boxing match. Possible nickname Micky (Character Amycus Carrow)

Amos - Biblical name, meaning "to carry". Possible nickname Moss, but nice and short so maybe no nickname? (Character Amos Diggory)

Antonin - Russian version of Anthony, Roman in origin, last name as a first name. Nicknames Tony, Andy (Character Antonin Dolohov)

Marc Antony, Roman General
Aberforth -  It is hard to find information on this name outside of Harry Potter! Is it possible Rowling created this name? The only information I found anywhere suggested it derived from old Irish "aber" meaning "at the mouth (of a river", and Forth being a river. Possible nickname Abe. (Character Aberforth Dumbledore)

Argus - Greek name meaning vigilant guardian. Nickname Argy or Gus. Also the name of a creature with 100 eyes that alter was turned into the peacock.  (Character Argus Filch)

Augustus - Latin/ Roman name meaning magnificent, great. Growing in popularity currently (as are shortened versions such as August). Possible nickname Augy, Gus  (Character Augustus Rookwood)

Arthur - Celtic in origin, many possible meanings/origins such as Bear, Stone. Nickname Arth. (Character Arthur Weasley)

Alecto - Minor character from Greek Mythology, one of the furies, the name means unceasing anger. Might want to avoid it just for that. Possible nicknames Alec, Allie, Al (Character Alecto Carrow)

Arabella - Latin meaning Prayerful. Possible nicknames Ari, Belle, Bella, Abi (Character Arabella Finch)

Arianna - Welsh meaning Silver. Possible nicknames Ari, Ana, Ria (Character Ariana Dumbledore)

Augusta -  Female version of Augustus (Character Augusta Longbottom)

Andromeda - Minor character in Greek mythology, saved by Persues who became her husband. Popular figure in art . The name means "ruler of men". The name has been somewhat "corrupted" by the pop culture reference to a Sci-Fi TV series. Possible nicknames Andy, Medi (Character Andromeda Tonks)

Andromeda being rescued from the Sea Monster

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