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Friday, November 30, 2012

How to Get Your Nickname: Evie

This post is actually my first request! (Or, at least, user-produced idea?). How do you get the nickname Evie? Its most commonly just a pet name actually the same length or longer than the original Eve or Eva, but it can be derived from several longer names. Just be warned, like may "E" names, all of these and the nickname are likely to be on the rise! 

Evelyn - This name has so many possible origins and history, there are several possible meanings. There are many possible variations- Evaline, Evalina, etc

Everil - A take off on Averil, meaning ferocious warrior. An edgier option in both meaning and sound.
Evangeline - Meaning is "good news", same roots as found in Evangelical.

Evette - a french take on Yvonne.  Meaning is "Yew", a type of wood.

Evania - Greek name meaning peaceful. Possible variation is Evana.

Genevieve - Meaning "white wave", Genevieve is highly associated with Saint Genevieve, patroness of Paris, famous for her virginity and defense of virginity.

Geneva - Place name, famous city in Switzerland, famous for the Geneva Convention, which is a landmark treaty on human rights. The place name is of Celtic origin and means "Juniper". The name can also be considered a variation on Genevieve.

I would say the above all fairly obviously produce the nickname Evie, but I feel like if you want to stretch is a little farther you can find even more options.

Neve/Neva - pronounced with a soft e, like Evelyn, ths is a Latin name meaning Snow. It is such a short, soft pretty name I doubt it would need a nickname, but if you wanted to have both the soft Neva and the edgie Evie, you could go this direction

Joseva - an alternate transcription from Hebrew of the more common Josephine, meaning "God (Yahweh) will add", again with a soft "e", JOE-zev-ah.

Beverly - an Old English place name referring to a meadow or stream.

Everly - a modern take on Beverly

So what do you think? Do you like the nickname  Evie? What name would you choose if you wanted to use it? My favorite discovery from researching for this post was Neva, which hardly needs a nickname, but its all about the process, isn't it?


  1. I immediately think of Evelyn, but prefer the creativity of using the end of a name like Genevieve.

  2. I think my favourite is Evangeline, although I have suggested Eveleigh, a place name which sounds like Everley.