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Monday, February 3, 2014

Northern Minnesota Real Names (January 2014)

Dom Kenneth
Luca Christopher
Orlando John
Robert Allert-Nordman
Dominic Robert
Fisher Kelvin
Jacob Benjamin
Morrison Lawrence
Jaden Elias
Jaxon Timothy
Bennett Robert
Caleb Joseph
Lucas Stephen
Damasio Tony
Cohen Robert
Roman Cameron
Rhett James
Parker Joseph
Ward William
Eirik Harold William

Olivia Genevieve
IraRose Reign
Riley Marie
Maizie Mae
Isla Denise
McKinlee Anne Marie
Willow Barbara-Kit
Chelsea Fay
Isla Kathleen
Karly Kathleen

Any comments? Two Isla's in one month. I knew this name was on the rise, maybe is climbing faster then we would have suspected!! Also, a lot of double middle names - and hyphenated middle names, something I hadn't really considered. 

1 comment:

  1. my fav is IraRose, prefer Irarose.
    dislike Reign, too many r's plus dislike the idea of naming a kid after ruling, at least not so literally. feels conceited to me, like Worthy, Precious, Adonis etc