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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How to Get Your Nickname: Carlie

In 2012, 2287 girls in the US were named some version of Carlie. The most popular spelling is Carly, followed by Carlee, Carlie, Carley, and Carleigh in that order. A similar name, Carla, is also ranked in the top 1000. Love the sound of Carlie but want to give your kid a more formal option? Try on the names below for size...

Charlotte - Growing in popularity, and most recently coming at 19th, many mom's are choosing this with the nicknames of Charlie or Lottie in mind, but Carlie is just as fitting!

Charletta - If Charlotte is getting too popular for your taste, you could try this variation.

Caroline - Carlie is a more updated nickname for this old classic then Carol. Just as with Charlotte and Charlette, Carolina is also an option (or Carolin).

Carabella - Belle names are all the vogue, (in fact this blog at Baby Name Wizard lists 146 Belle names that made it into the public SSA records in 2012), so why not Carabelle? It could have a great meaning too - beloved beauty.

Carlicia - This is probably one of the most direct routes to Carlie, along with the slight variations of Carlisa and Caralisa.

Charlene - I am not sure this name is quite ready for a comeback. It was most popular in 1949, when it reached the rank of 100th, but has declined since then and fell entirely out of the top 1000 in the 2000. But if you want to use it as an honor name, Carlie could be a great nickname.

Carmella - A more feminine frilly version of Carmen.

Caraliesa - This is especially good for people who love the sound of Carlie but want something more formal! A similar option is Caralie.

Scarlett/Scarletta - It is always hard to identify the names that have the nickname in the middle, but this one is obvious. Currently ranked 61st, it is a trendy choice, but the nickname Carlie could offer another twist.

So what do you think? Any of these worth considering?

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