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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Harry Potter Alphabet: F is for Filius

Sorry for my absenteeism. I have no excuse. I have lots of post ideas boiling, hopefully I will be able to get more out to you soon. Now onto the F names in Harry Potter!

Fleur - French for "flower", a nice option for a nature name. (Fleur Delacour)

Frederick - With the adorable nickname Fred or Freddie, this old German name meaning peaceful ruler might be due for a resurgence. It is right on trend with other names coming back now like Charles (Charlie) and Henry (Hank). (Fred Weasley)

Firenze - This is the Italian and German word for the city of Florence. It is pronounced Fur-en-zee. Florence means flowering or in bloom, but I would view Firenze as a place name. In the movie this is a male character, but I think it could work quite well for a girl.

Filius - I cannot find a history of this being a name, it appears to be the Latin word for son. If you like the sound of Philip but want something more unique, this might fit the bill. (Filius Flitwick)

Frank - A shortening of Francis meaning french man or Franklin meaning free land owner, this has been used as a stand alone name for centuries. Frankie is an adorable nickname and matches things like (Frank Bryce)

Florean- The more traditional spelling is Florian, and its Latin and Slavic for flower, a masculine version of Flora. (Florean Flortescue)

Fabian - An old Roman name referring to a tribe. Pronounced Fay-bee-en, with other Roman names coming back (like Magnus and Octavian), this could be a good option. (Fabian Prewett)

Fawkes - To me, Fawkes sounds like a last name first sort of deal. It could also be seen as a variant of the "real" baby name Fawke, which is a variant on Fulke, which is Old English for people (think Folk).

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  1. There is quite a good chance of me using the name Frederick, should the opportunity ever arise.