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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Harry Potter Alphabet - E is for Everard

OK. I think I found a more comprehensive Harry Potter character list, so back to the alphabet! Credit to John Denker for compiling it. I may have to go back and update the earlier posts at some point, but for now lets keep moving forward!! Also, from now on I have decided to make the lists as comprehensive as possible, but only discussing the a interesting names! So, here are the "E"s!

Elphias and Elfric I cannot find a source or meaning of these specific name. They are rather whimsical with the  "elf" sound. I searched for similar names and could not find a boys name that starts with Elph. There is Elfred which means elf and Elford which is old English and means "old place. While Elfric sounds like it came out of a fantasy novel, I think Elphias is quite usable. (Elphias Doge) (Elfric the Evil).

Emeric - I went to High School with an Emeric and always thought it was a very unique name. Emeric is old German and means home ruler. It turns out I was quite right, as Emeric has not been in the top 1000 names in the past 100 years (or likely ever). With "Emma" number one for  girls for quite sometime, why not "Em" names for boys?  (Emeric Switch)

Everard - I really like this name. I have been seeing Everett around a lot lately (seems to pop up on Swistle's blog a lot!) , and I think Everard is the rarer brother. Everard is old English and means "brave, strong boar". There is also a German version, Eberhard. (Headmaster Everard)

Ernie - In the U.S. Ernie is strongly associated with Sesame Street characters Ernie and Bert. Ernie is short of Ernest, which means "serious, battle to the death". For me, Ernest is associated with stupid comedic movies featuring a character Ernest P Worrell. Because of these associations, iw ould not consider the name, but there are also more classic references like Ernest Hemingway and Archduke Ernest of Austria  (Ernie McMillan) (Ernie Prang)

Errol - This is a version or Earl and means "nobleman" (as in the title Earl - Earl of Sandwich etc). Since Earl has take on a "white trash" connotation in the U.S. (solidified by sitcom My Name is Earl), Errol offers a nice alternative (Errol the Owl)

Euan -  This is a classic Scottish name meaning "born of the yew tree". Alternate spelling Ewan, like actor Ewan McGregor might be more pronounceable for the American public. (Euan Abercrombie)
Edgar (Edgar Bones)

Elfrida -  Remember the discussion above about "elf" names? Well unlike Elphias and Elfric, Elfrida is a "real" name of OLD English origin, which means elf, or "magical being". (Elfrida Cragg)

Emmaline - Emma too popular for you but you like the sound? Or perhaps you like Emma as a nickname but want something longer or more formal. If so, here is your girl. Emmaline has not been in the top 1000 names since 1915, and back then it was at 994! There are many possible meanings depending on how you derive the name. Alternate spelling Emeline is German for "peaceful home".   (Emmaline Vance)

Enid - For me, Enid is a Barenaked Ladies song of the same title. However, to other ears it might be an old name that is ripe for a comeback. It is Welsh and means soul or life (Great Aunt Enid)

The more mainstream names: Eleanor (Eleanor Branstone), Emma (Emma Dobbs), Eloise (Eloise Midgeon), Eric (Eric Munch)

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