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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Harry Potter Alphabet: D is for Draco

Dennis - Dennis is of Greek origin and means follower of Dionysus. It peeked in popularity in America in 1949 at #16 and has slowly fallen since then, currently sitting at 413. I think it could be due for a comeback, with a great nickname like Denny, and the "s" ending that seems to be on its way up  (Dennis Creevey)

Dobby - So Dobby is not a "real" name. But I like it. Especially as a nickname - a slight twist on Toby or Robby.  "Real" names that could lead to it are limited. Dobbs is pretty much the only option I have found - not many names begin with Dob it turns out!  (Dobby the Houseelf)

Dirk - This is a Danish variant of Derek, which means "the peoples ruler" in Old German. It fits with a trend that I had heard called "surfer" names, or those my sister refers to as "Cowboy" names -  Grant, Keith, Troy, etc. In fact, Dirk is ON that list of surfer names! (Dirk Cresswell)

Dudley - Old English, meaning people's field, this name makes me think of my brother's stuffed dog from when we were little. (Dudley Dursley)

Draco - I actually like the name Draco quite a bit! For that reason I am almost sad it is used in Harry Potter because this is a bad guy. It is a version of Drake and means Dragon in middle English. It features that popular "o" ending! (Draco Malfoy)
Dean (Dean Thomas)

Dolores - This name has appeared on the blog once before as an example of a name you might not want to honor directly. The meaning "sorrows", does not add charm either. But it has a lot of nice nicknames, like Lori and Dori (Dolores Umbridge)

Dilys - This is a Welsh name meaning "perfect" or "truth". It is the most unique name on this list, and with that lovely meaning perhaps deserves more attention. (Dilys Derwent)


  1. Good news is that Draco turns over a leaf... or is cowed into hanging with the good guys...

    What happened to Dean's paragraph?

  2. It has just come to my attention that my list was not as all inclusive as I had though. I am trying to find a new source, and might be going back to fill in some missing characters. Luck I am only on D!

    (I figured it out when I was on E and there were only like two names...)

  3. oh dear! I wouldn't have noticed you'd skipped Dean if you didn't have him listed directly under Draco's paragraph...