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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Harry Potter Alphabet: C is for Cedric

Cuthbert - This is an Old English name and means bright, brilliant. It sounds old, but I am not sure if it is old in a cool way or in a Grandpa sort of way. The nickame Bert has been entirely co-opted by Sesame Street unfortunately and I cannot imagine using it! (Cuthbert Binns)

Colin - A classic British name, Colin is Irish/Gaelic in origins and means young creature. (Colin Creevey)

Cedric - Pronounced Sed-rik, I love this Old English name and its meaning, which is "kindly and loved". Unfortunately my husband has vetoed this one quite soundly BECAUSE of the Harry Potter reference and the fact this character dies young (Cedric Diggory)

Cadogan  - A welsh name meaning "battle glory". It is a royal name used by the royal Welsh family. Variations include Caddock and Cadog. I would love the nickname Cad or Caddy if it were not for the negative association (a "cad" is a man who behaves badly towards woman, a caddy is a worker who carries golf clubs) (Sir Cadogan)

Charity - An English virtue name, a pool of names I am a big fan of. Nicknames could be Char, Shar, Cher, or Cherry (Charity Burbage)

Cho - Cho is one of those names that is blatantly tied to an ethnicity. While it is becoming more and more common to use ethnic names regardless of your ethnicity, we have not quite made it there with Asian names yet. I am having a difficult time coming up with a meaning for this - possible Butterfly, possibly Japanese. If you love the sound/feel of this, but don't like the short length, you might try Chorine (pronounced cho-ree-ne, greek version of Corinne, meaning maiden), or Cholena (pronounced cho-len-a, Delaware native American name meaning bird) (Cho Chang).

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