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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Harry Potter Alphabet: B is for Bathilda

Bathsheda - I actually have not been able to find this exact name and almost wonder if it is not a mistake and it should be Bathsheba. It is a very minor character. Bathsheba is a Hebrew name meaning "daughter of oath".  It can be shortened to the more common Sheba (Bathsheda Babbling)

Bathilda - I am quite fond of this name. So close to the popular Mathilda, Bathilda means woman warrior. It is old German in origin. It could use nicknames such as Tilly or Hilda - I would aoive Battie! (Bathilda Bagshot)

Bellatrix - This is a Latin word (not name) meaning "female warrior", transformed to name status by use in multiple pieces of fiction. It is also the name of a constellation. Since baby names are subjective, it could also be viewed as a mixture of the popular names Beatrix and Bella, producing a meaning such as "beautiful voyageur". I know this is not a friendly character in the book, but it it a beautiful name and yields nicknames Bella, Bell, and Trixie  (Bellatrix Lestrange)

Bartemius - A biblical name meaning "son of temius", nicknames Barty, Bart, Temi (Bartemius Crouch)

Blaise - Blaise is increasingly popular for girls though it is traditionally a boys name. It means "stutter". The alternate spelling Blaze is a "word as a name".  (Blaise Zabini)

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